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Right now have reduced prices on products from Pimplepark, Palio and LOKI.

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An online table tennis shop. We specialize mainly in products from the Chinese market. At CHTT, we will try to have as many different variants in stock as possible, as there are as many playing styles as there are players in this world and we strive to have something that suits everyone.

What is in stock is also in stock at home, and means fast deliveries. We do not stock some products yet and then the delivery time will be slightly longer, but in these cases there is clear information printed on the product page. Please go to "Brands" in the menu, for more information about our products. Are you looking for products we do not have in stock and also from other manufacturers such as Nittaku, Joola, Stiga, Yasaka, Spinlord etc., then get in touch. Most things can be arranged, but then with a slightly longer delivery time.

We are located in Munkedal municipality in northern Bohuslän. If you have questions regarding table tennis, products or need tips, do not hesitate to contact us. Email is easiest and we respond as quickly as we can. Send e-mail to [email protected]

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9.56 EUR 8.60 EUR
Sanwei - Taiji 210 Sanwei - Taiji 210

Sanwei - Taiji 210

14.39 EUR
Glue roller Glue roller

Glue roller

14.39 EUR
Sanwei T88-III - Training 2-pcs Sanwei T88-III - Training 2-pcs
Sunflex - Edge tape - 9mm x 10m Sunflex - Edge tape - 9mm x 10m
Palio - TCT Palio - TCT

Palio - TCT

25.01 EUR 22.51 EUR

729 - Geo Spin (GS)

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