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Article Number: 87

Gluing, boosting, cutting and possibly edging. When boosting rubber, Haifu Seamoon Booster is used in 2-3 layers. It takes about 3 extra days for the rubber to straighten out, so that gluing is possible. Boosting has the absolute best effect on rubbers with harder sponges such as DHS Hurricane etc.

Rubber with sponge is glued with REvolution No.3 Glue in three layers on the rubber and two on the blade and then put under pressure. OX rubbers are glued with fewer layers. Gluing means more handling and expect an extra delivery time of a few days.

If there is something you want to specify, leave a message at checkout. For example. if you buy three rubbers and a blade, so we know which rubbers should then be boosted / glued to the blade/blades etc.

If there is anything that is unclear with this service, get in touch at [email protected] :)