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REvolution No. 3 - Rubber Protection Foil (2-pcs)

  • 2.55 EUR
Article Number: REvNo.3-Rubber_Protection_Foil
Supplier: TT REvolution

Foil for protection of table tennis rubber. The foil is primarily used as protection for backside rubber, to preserve the rubber's freshness and grip. This foil also helps to glue OX pips rubber, as it attaches to the hubs and makes the assembly much more stable, as an OX hub is so thin and difficult for many to glue.

NOTE !!! After remarks from previous buyers, we inform that the paper / foil on which the protection is attached from the beginning, should be used to put the foil back on when the bat they were attached to is in use. This is to avoid getting dust and dirt on the protective foil when it is removed.

If, contrary to expectation, you still get so much dust and dirt on the foil that it no longer does any good, you can clean it carefully with detergent and water or TT Revolution No.3 Bio Rubber Cleaner. NOTE !!! However, these cleaning methods are not something that TT Revolution guarantees will work at all times, but if you are still about to throw it away, try this way first and you may save a penny. :)

The remaining, "leftover" foil can also be used to save pre-glued rubbers for later assembly.

Instruction video from the manufacturer

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